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81stgeneration is a fashion jewellery and accessories company founded in 2005 by Jimi Walters in London UK. The majority of the products are designed and handmade in the Far East.

Our current range includes natural pieces of fashion jewellery, hill tribe silver, vintage ranges, leather bags, journals and our new range of sterling silver jewellery.

We use a wide range of materials to make our products, such as, Indonesian wood, sterling silver, brass, horn, bone, semi-precious stones, coconut, shell, leather and many more. We are very careful that all our products are sourced naturally and are all bi products, so that the environments and the animals are not intentionally affected.

We are happy to say that currently we have customers from all over the world!


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Why 81st generation?

Has it been 81 lifetimes since humans started documenting their presence on our planet? 

Reading the book Future Shock written by the futurist Alvin Toffler Jimi came across the concept of society development and the connection with our ancestors.

The first written documents have been dated approximately 2,000 years ago.

For example around 2,050 BC the oldest laws that we know of were written (The Sumerian  Codes of Ur Nammu).

Averaging 50 years per lifetime, doing a little bit of math, we are now living the 81st lifetime since we started to record our history.

Therefore here at 81st Generation we want to represent the connection from ancient past jewellery designs to the here and now. We aim to provide our customers with pieces that have meaning to them.

Eighty-one is also the square of 9 and the fourth power of 3, so like all powers of three, 81 is a perfect totient number, in China this number is considered as perfect, some authors actually consider it as a mystical number of the moon. It’s the Number of skies according to the Taoism and it is at the age of 81 years old that Buddha and the Greek philosopher Plato died.


How did everything start?

 Jimi started to being interested in jewellery in his early 20’s whilst he travelled around the Far East.

After spending years travelling and gaining insight into other cultural styles and influences, he started to sell jewellery on the world famous Portobello Market in London. You can still find his stall there today, selling a range of ethnic jewellery to customers.

He never stopped challenging himself and, to keep up with the moving times, he started a new adventure selling his products online.

With his passion, dedication and experience he slowly made his small business grow over time and has increased his product range to include a wide variety of jewellery and accessories.